St. Katharine School Uniform Code and Appearance Guidelines

Attire and Appearance

The appearance and attire of our students is of utmost importance. It is a fact that student behavior, attitudes, and effective learning improve when students are dressed appropriately. School is not primarily social and fashionable in nature, and students need to see their school wardrobe as different and more "professional" than their "casual" clothes. Students are expected to present a neat and clean appearance.

Full dress uniforms are required on all school days unless otherwise designated.

Boys must wear belts with pants and shorts. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Pants should be neatly hemmed or cuffed- no cut or frayed bottoms. Pants and shorts should be the correct size- not oversized or hanging from the behind.

Girls' skirts and jumpers should be no more than one inch above the knee. Blouses should fit appropriately so they are not pulling at the buttons. Blouses must be tucked in at all times.

Only brown crew neck or v-neck button down cardigan sweaters may be worn in the classroom during cold weather. Hoodies, sweat jackets, denim jackets, etc., may not be worn in the classroom.

Makeup is not allowed, only non-glossy chap stick or lip balm. Nail polish is not allowed except clear gloss.

Jewelry and Accessories

Girls are allowed to wear 1 pair of earrings - Small studs or hoops no larger than a nickel. No dangling earrings are allowed.

Girls are allowed to wear one bracelet - no large bangles.

Girls may wear a necklace with a small pendant or cross.

Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.

No student is allowed to have any accessories depicting inappropriate subject manner such as guns, drugs, gang affiliations, skulls and cross bones, etc. Accessories are items such as hair bands, key chains, wallets, purses, etc.

Girls may carry a small purse for personal feminine items.

Hair Styles and Grooming

Hairstyles must conform to good grooming. Fad cuts (e.g. mohawks, punk, etc.) are not acceptable. Unnatural hair color is not acceptable. Boys are not allowed to have braids or corn rows.

The uniform code will be strictly enforced. If students are not in complete uniform, they will be sent home to be properly dressed and/or receive a detention.

Flynn O'Hara Uniform Company is the official uniform company for St. Katharine School.

Flynn O'Hara is located at 923 Taylor Avenue Towson, MD 21204 in the Loch Raven Plaza 410-828-4709. Orders can also be made online at

Boys Kindergarten - 4th

Boys 5th - 8th
  • Yellow Oxford Button Down Collar Shirt
  • Tan Khaki Pants
  • Black or Brown Leather Style Belt (No Large Belt Buckles)
  • Brown or Black Shoes (Not Tennis Shoes)
  • Official Uniform Tie

Girls Kindergarten - 4th
  • Yellow Peter Pan Collar Blouse
  • Brown Plaid Jumper (Not Skirts)
  • Brown or White Knee High Socks (Cold Weather) or
  • White Crew or Ankle Socks (Warm Weather)
  • Black & White Saddle Shoes

Girls 5th - 8th
  • Yellow Peter Pan Collar Blouse or Yellow Oxford Button Down Collar Shirt
  • Brown Plaid Skirt
  • Brown or White Knee High Socks (Cold Weather) or
  • White Crew or Ankle Socks (Warm Weather)
  • Black & White Saddle Shoes

Warm Weather Uniform (Optional)
  • Yellow Polo Shirt (No logos unless embroidered St. Katharine School)
  • Tan Dress Walking Shorts (No Capris or Cargo Shorts)
  • White Crew Socks
  • All White Tennis Shoes


Students are required to wear closed-in shoes only. White Tennis shoes are only worn with the warm weather uniform.

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